Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness

#TakeABreather Corporate Wellness

Over 600,000 Albertans are currently suffering from lung disease and that number is climbing daily. Billions of dollars from our health care systems goes to support these patients as COPD, asthma and allergies are the top reasons for hospitalization not only in this province but also nationally. These statistics have an impact within organizations as well; employees with lung disease use on average, 50% more wellness leave than non-affected employees. Many organizations still do not realize that some of the factors that impact their lung health, like outdoor air quality, scents in environment and cleaning products, can be reduced or removed to aid in better breathing, less sick days and more satisfied employees.

The Lung Association hopes to create awareness, reduce stigma and encourage early detection of lung disease by offering fun filled, interactive and educational workshops (and yes, we bring prizes!) to your organization. Combined with Spirometry demonstrations (a 10 minute breathing test designed to test lung capacity) and an actual set of (pig) lungs to demonstrate breathing, we hope attendees gain better insight into their lungs and how to protect their own as well as the lungs of others. We share the air, so by education, information and support we can all breathe easier!

If you are interested in learning more about our Take a Breather campaign or to book a complementary wellness session for your organization, contact:

Karli Wright,Volunteer & Donor Relations

Phone: 780-488-6995 x: 2254


Page Last Updated: 19/12/2017